If you’ve ever used the phrase “my city” in reference to you being from, in support of, and/or having love for Dallas; here’s your chance to prove it by supporting this FREE event on May 25th.


Alexa Machine Company is throwing a city wide party for the local Dallas independent scene! Whether you’re an indie artist and /or entrepreneur, this event is for US!! Alexa Machine is truly giving back to the city that they love!!! INDIE IN THE BIG D is sponsored by The Dallas Observer, be sure to pick up this week and next weeks copy and peep the ad!!



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Reflecting, thoughts of randomness

Staring out the window reflecting on life…

and all I can think about is how much closer I want to be with the Lord. I think of the amount of books I have, in addition to His book. I think about the devotions I’ve signed up for but haven’t been consistent with. I think about the daily text messages of scriptures that I glance over. I think about all the resources I have at my disposal…but yet somehow I feel distant.

Prayer, my alone time with Abba. Not just the “thank you for waking me up” or the “today I give you my day” prayer. I’m talking about the time you spend in quiet thinking, reflecting, and becoming one. This is what I’m missing.

The choice to use rap as an evangelical tool was all God, a specific assignment. I’m thankful that He chose a path that I’m somewhat familiar with and happen to be half-way good at. ;-D

Am I where I thought or would like to be, no. But I know I’ll continue to press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ.

How will I spend the next half of my life…?

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B@B – Better At Blogging ;-D

Okay so seriously. I want to connect more with you guys and I’ve been doing a horrrrrrible job at keeping in touch and letting you know all there is to know and all the goings-ons in my life! Soooo with that being said, I’ll be doing weekly, if not daily, blogs to keep everyone abrupt. I won’t be posting to facebook as much. I’ll be more active on twitter, IG, and my tumber izzibyrizzi. My clothing line SYMART is in the final stages ready to be released and officially presented to the world. I just finished a 16 week discipleship class. A lot going on witcha boi so we’ll connect more soon. Until the next one….

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Great things ahead for Yung Rick and SYMART!!! Stay tuned…

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Another week to be thankful for!!!

I want to turn your attention to my brothers, co-laborers, fellow hip-hop artists, and family…BBMG!!! #SALUTE. The BBMG imprint includes artists E-Mak, Prophet Q, Kaylow(together they are the “Radical Saintz”) and newly signed Dallas native, Trinity! Head over to and get familiar with BBMG!!!

Today I highly suggest that you visit their site and download, for FREE 1)The Radical Saintz – “Street Therapy” mixtape and 2)Kaylow’s new single “Unstoppable”. I had a chance to hear “Unstoppable” live at the Radical Saintz album release concert at Victory Outreach in Dallas. The song is bananas!! The message is simple yet profound, MY GOD IS UNSTOPPABLE!!! Another little tidbit about this track, is that it’s produced my label mate Prophet Q. The BBMG roster is definitely filled with tons of talent. I not only support these guys because they’re fam, but I wholeheartedly believe in operating in excellence and the banner of being “better” that BBMG stands on I fully ride with.

If you believe it and know it, download this anthem, blast it in your whip and yell it to the top of your lungs…MY GOD IS UNSTOPPABLE!!!

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